torsdag den 16. januar 2014

50'ies trainride

In early summer 2013 I finished a 50'ies dress for myself. By now I've made a few of them like the yellow dress and the striped dress, and I got the basic shape down quite well. This time I thus focussed on the details of the dress: A wide standing collar, matching cuffs, scarf and belt. I had my trusted white petticoat and a matching pair of shoes, that although not vintage did the job quite well, so I was ready for a little trip.

At 'Græsted Veterantræf' a weekend filled with vintage vehicles of all kinds, I was so lucky to find a nice matching train, with the same gray tone as my dress and a red stribe to match my lipstick! How lucky can you get?

'Sølvgrisen' (the silver pig) is an old lady from 1952, that used to work near where I grew up in Lyngby Taarbæk municipality. She is currently living in Græsted, where the nice people from Nordsjællands veterantog takes good care of her.

Photographer: Anders Hansen

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