mandag den 2. februar 2015

The corset pattern generator is here!

As I have told earlier, I have been fiddling with laser cutting, 3d printing and much more, at the local FABLAB.

Lately I was introduced to the program processing, that allows you to draw stuff using programming. This sounded very handy, and within 72 hours of leaning of its existing, I had made my first program, the corset pattern generator.
As FABLABs are based on sharing knowledge, I am sharing my program here (see the sidebar under Pages), and in an instructable

What is the corset pattern generator?
The generator is a small program, that allows you to enter in the measurements of a person, and then the program generates a pdf file with a custom corset pattern, ready to print, or put into a laser cutter.

What is it based on?
The generator is written in processing, that needs to be downloaded in order to run it.
The method of drafting is based on the free guide to making corset pattern from Foundations Revealed.

Can I use it for...
You are welcome to use the generator for private purposes as it is, but please refrain from commercial use (it is my personal corset pattern it is based on). I am planning to make a guide on how to modify the generator to produce other corset styles, and when that is done and up, you are most welcome to modify it, and generate your own patterns for commercial use. 

So, what do you want in return?
Feedback!!! I love feedback!
What was good, what was bad (be polite), what are you missing, what are your experiences with it used in your size? Anything that I can use to make it better.

I will put up new versions as they develop, so do stick around and see what happends:)