Corset Pattern Generator 0.2

How to save and print the pattern
In order to save the generated pattern, right click on it, and choose 'this frame' and 'save this frame' (actual text may vary depending on your browser). Save the image as a svg file and open it from your own computer. This will give you the vector file for digital use.

If you want to print the pattern on a normal office printer, you may need to convert the vector file to a pixelbased file like PNG or BMP. Open the SVG file in a browser and chose 'save image as'. Then print the PNG or BMP file using paint or whatever program you prefer.

How to use the pattern

Please note!
The generated pattern should not be used without a mock-up, as it only takes into account the total measurements of the body, and not any asymmetries, or if the wearers bodytype varies from the corset style used. Further more, the area above the bust is not fitted, and thus needs to be finished on the mock-up.

Thank you to Fablab RUC for help learning how to program.  

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