fredag den 31. januar 2014

Uprising by Lady Effulgent

I've been involved in Copenhagen Burlesque for approximately a year by now, helping out at the shows and sewing for one of my favourite performers there: Lady Effulgent. 
It is a load of fun, and a way for me to make costumes that are more elaborate and showy than even my ordinary 'larger than life' dresses.

This fall we had the event "Dark City, Dreamy dystopia" and the Lady and I had out first collaboration in the show 'Uprising'.

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For the show I made a corset, a bumtail bow, a fishtail-skirt that could be transformed into a pencil-skirt and a dress to cover it all up in the beginning. Combined with a few bought pieces, a shitload of rhinestones and some handsome blokes, we had a nice setup for her act:
Lady Effulgent: The uprising

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  1. Hei!
    For noen år siden kom jeg over den andre bloggen du hadde,, og husket på den her om dagen og blei litt lei meg da jeg ikke kom inn!:) Så jeg ville bare spørre deg om den er helt borte?
    Vennlig hilsen Dina

  2. Dear Dina,
    Yes, I have pulled down my old website, as I had completely stopped using it. I do not really make viking clothing anymore, and all of my sewing projects are presented here instead.
    What are you looking for from museion? Maybe it is suitable to drag up here?

  3. Thanks for answering, since you replied in English, I'll do the same. I wasnt' really looking for something specific, I just think it was an inspiring blog, and it would have been great if it was still open for people to read and be inspired!:) But of course, we all have changes in interests, and I understand why you would want to close it. Thanks again for taking the time to answer, and keep up the good work!