torsdag den 18. juli 2013

An old dress in an old garden

My very first victorian dress from back in 2006 got to come out and have a little fun in the spring. The botanical garden in Copenhagen had allowed a group of photographers to come and use the beautiful garden as a background for their photoshoot. I had the pleasure of working with Nik Skjøth from Infinitive studios.

The dress got a minor makeover some years ago, when I covered the majority of the bodice in black lace and added a black veil (also used for other photoshoots). I tried to use my new bustle for it, but alas, it was to big. A 1880 bustle is not meant to go under a 1870 dress, -it is simply not the right shape. So for the major part of this photoshoot I used an Ikea pillow, and ended up cutting myself on the safetypins that held the pillow. -So I really need a new bustle soon. Oh well, one more project to the wish-list.

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