fredag den 31. januar 2014

Uprising by Lady Effulgent

I've been involved in Copenhagen Burlesque for approximately a year by now, helping out at the shows and sewing for one of my favourite performers there: Lady Effulgent. 
It is a load of fun, and a way for me to make costumes that are more elaborate and showy than even my ordinary 'larger than life' dresses.

This fall we had the event "Dark City, Dreamy dystopia" and the Lady and I had out first collaboration in the show 'Uprising'.

 Photo by

For the show I made a corset, a bumtail bow, a fishtail-skirt that could be transformed into a pencil-skirt and a dress to cover it all up in the beginning. Combined with a few bought pieces, a shitload of rhinestones and some handsome blokes, we had a nice setup for her act:
Lady Effulgent: The uprising

fredag den 24. januar 2014

The nude underbust

After making the NYE dress, I decided to modify the pattern from a 6 panel piece to a 7 panel, making it possible to create an even more dramatic silouette with a stronger hip to waist curve.

The nude underbust is a test run on that pattern, with a single layer of coutil, cotton twill tape for waisttape, spiralsteels and flatsteels as boning and cream satin for binding and lacing. Now, I did get a rather amazing figure from the corset, as I had modified it to reduce the waist 2,5 cm / 1 inch extra compared to the NYE dress. And it did fit as a dream.

...I just didn't take any pictures at the time.

I planned to make a photoshoot with it, with loads of cream and white colors, and I even started collecting nice accessories. And then I got pregnant.

Now, 5-6 months later (still rather pregnant btw), I'm not seeing a photoshoot happening for this little thing any time soon. So, in order for it to at least be shown, you get a picture of it on my mannequin. Unfortunately corsets just don't look as good on a non-squishable mannequin, so there are some rippling in the fabric around the waistline and the silouette is not as marked as it was in person.

Looking at it now, so many months later, I can see the potential to bring it to a new level, as I got some pretty lace in cream lying around and just got some new rhinestones that will match the color theme quite well. 

So this piece might just be my motivational treat to get my figure back, once everything calms down.

mandag den 20. januar 2014

Victorian winter

I have not been very active with photoshoots this winter, so instead I have a little treat for you from last winter: A pair of well to do victorians, posing to the photographer.

The photo was taken by Rene Bang at Christiansborg on a cold December day in 2012. Both outfits were made by me, Jacob is wearing a set made specifically for him, and Sascha Norsbo my promenade dress.

It was a very odd thing seeing another person wearing one of my dresses, but I think that Rene, Jacob and Sascha together created such a good picture, that it was quite worth it.

torsdag den 16. januar 2014

50'ies trainride

In early summer 2013 I finished a 50'ies dress for myself. By now I've made a few of them like the yellow dress and the striped dress, and I got the basic shape down quite well. This time I thus focussed on the details of the dress: A wide standing collar, matching cuffs, scarf and belt. I had my trusted white petticoat and a matching pair of shoes, that although not vintage did the job quite well, so I was ready for a little trip.

At 'Græsted Veterantræf' a weekend filled with vintage vehicles of all kinds, I was so lucky to find a nice matching train, with the same gray tone as my dress and a red stribe to match my lipstick! How lucky can you get?

'Sølvgrisen' (the silver pig) is an old lady from 1952, that used to work near where I grew up in Lyngby Taarbæk municipality. She is currently living in Græsted, where the nice people from Nordsjællands veterantog takes good care of her.

Photographer: Anders Hansen