søndag den 2. juni 2013

The black victorian underwear

Durring winter I managed to finally make my long wanted black victorian underwear. It consist of a black corset with white details, a white chemise with black details and a pair of long black stockings.

All pictures by  Henrik Jensen:

The corset is a modified version of the Truly Victorian corset that I have used for so long. I have long since started to use a selfdrafted pattern for modern corsets, but for historical wear I still use Truly Victorians pattern.
For materials I used a single layer of black coutil, with handmade castings for the spiral steels, attached on the outside of the corset. For a visual effect I used a thick white tread for the bonecastings and flossing, and along the top of the corset I used a white bobbinlace that was left fron the chemise.

The chemise is made from cotton satin bedsheets from Jysk (a Danish store), as they are very soft and the price is no bigger than for regular plain cotton cloth. I used a simple bobbinlace for the neckline and sleveholes, but a appr. 4 cm wide bobbinlace for the bottom edge. All lace was decorated with black satinband, woven into the lace. The band at the neckline can be used to adjust the height of the neckline.

All in all this is a set I am very happy with, and I look forward to using it underneath all my victorian clothing.