Corset Pattern Generator 0.1

 Welcome to the corset pattern generator!

What is the corset pattern generator?
The generator is a small program, that allows you to enter in the measurements of a person, and then the program generates a pdf file with a custom corset pattern, ready to print, or put into a lasercutter.

What is it based on?
The generator is written in processing, that needs to be downloaded in order to run it.
The method of drafting is based on the free guide to making corset pattern from Foundations Revealed.

Please note!
The generated pattern should not be used without a mock-up, as it only takes into account the total measurements of the body, and not any asymmetries, or if the wearers bodytype varies from the corset style used. Further more, the area above the bust is not fitted, and thus needs to be finished on the mock-up.

Download the generator
First of all, download the program processing to your computer. Then download the two files "" and "corset_generator_version1" from here and save both together in a new folder. You now have the pattern generator on your computer.

Thank you to Fablab RUC for help learning how to program.

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