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Tutus for kids!

Yeah, these will definitely not fit me, but that is ok, -it is for a colleagues daughter as a thank you present for the children's bed I got from her for free.

The first tutu (the pink one) had a 1 m diameter of the skirt and thus is a little big, as it is almost as wide as most children are tall at that age (its for a girl up to 5-6 years old). So I made a smaller tutu by skipping the two top layers of tulle (the orange one), and ended up with a nice 80 cm diameter.

Anyways, I guess other people would have fun making one too, so here is a little tutorial.

25 cm matching non-stretch cloth
2 m dark tulle (150 cm wide) (should be skipped for smaller diameter)
2 m tulle in a lighter color (150 cm wide)
appr. 50 cm elastic

base layer:
cut a rectangle of 25 x 60 cm from the non-stretch cloth and fold over all edges. Fold over one of the long sides to create a tunnel for the elastic band.

Cut the dark tulle into four pieces (each 2 m long):
2 pieces of 40 cm
2 pieces of 35 cm

Cut the lighter tulle into six pieces (each 2 m long):
2 pieces of 30 cm
2 pieces of 25 cm
2 pieces of 20 cm

Sew each layer of tulle on to the base layer, starting with the widest piece (top piece). Pleat the tulle in 6:1. I bought a pleating foot for my pfaff machine, and it does it by itself as a 6,66:1 pleat (you can adjust the pleating length). The layers should be spaced evenly out on the baselayer.

Here you can see the lines from where the tulle layers are sewn onto the baselayer.

A little video showing how my pleatingfoot works.

Keep the tulle from catching on anything while you sew, and make sure you do not accidentally sew fold and sew over the baselayer (I did, and it was very annoying).

When all the tulle has been attched, insert the elastic band and measure how tight it should be on the kid. There is no need to sew the baselayer together in the side, the tulle should push everything in place.

Et voila!
One tutu is ready for being dragged through mud and glitter:)

The size of the tutu can be adjusted for older kids (like grownups) by altering the length of the baselayer and correspondingly the tulle length. Remember that you need appr. 6-7 m tulle for each m baselayer. As I said, all five layers makes for a rather big tutu, so experiment with either 3 or 4 layers for the real kids.

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