Corset Pattern Generator 0.3

This is the latest version of the corset pattern generator (currently v. 0.3).

Recent updates includes: (June 2015)
  • Seamallowances
  • Variable lacinggab
  • Better fit around bust
  • Separate measurements for front and back, to allow for different bust sizes and build 

Please refer to the measurement guide for instructions on how to take the correct measurements.

How to save and print the pattern
If you want to print the pattern on a normal office printer, you may need to convert the vector file to a pixelbased file like PNG or BMP. Open the SVG file in a browser and chose 'save image as'. Then print the PNG or BMP file using paint or whatever program you prefer.

Thank you to Fablab RUC for help learning how to program.

Corset Pattern Generator

9 kommentarer:

  1. Har du ikke et billede af kroppen hvor de forskellige mål skal være og man kan se hvor man skal måle ?

    1. Jo, det står skam alt sammen i linket 'measurements guide' med massere af billeder.

  2. where does the measurement 'curve over bust' start and end?

  3. Hi, I'm not sure if you are aware but when printing out the pattern at 100% I need to set it at 106% of the size to get the box to measure correctly. Also the writing on the side gets scrambled.
    This is a fantastic tool, having lots of fun playing with measurements, thank you so much for taking the time to create it.

    1. The scale is dependent on your print settings. 100% and borderless is best but I you can't print without a blank margin around the edges on your printer you will need to print slightly enlarged and draw the lines to the edges.

      The writing is scrambled if the app you are using doe not fully support svg images. Use Inkscape or a reputable app.

  4. there a template for underbusts?

  5. Dear Hanna, unfortunately no. However, you can generate a normal full length pattern and cut it off just under the bust. Then you have an underbust pattern.

  6. Do you have instructions on how to turn this into an overbust corset? Thank you, any advice would be helpful.

  7. Hello! When I download the SVG file, it does not allow me to save it as any other format.