Want to borrow a larger than life wardrobe?

I am currently offering photographers and models near Copenhagen the opportunity to borrow some of my costumes for photoshoots.

TFP - Lets collaborate!
You can borrow the costumes on a TFP basis, where I join your collaboration on equal terms with the photographer, model, MUA etc. I will be listed as designer in all credits.

If possible, I will join you on the photoshoot to help getting the best out of the dresses (on site adjustments etc). Otherwise, there is a 500 kr deposit to cover drycleaning or in case of damage to the dresses.

Interested? Get in touch.

If you are doing a commercial shot, and want to use some of my outfits, then please get in touch, and we will see what is possible.

The Peacock dress:
Victorian style silk dress with full victorian underpinnings.

Chemise, black corset, crinoline, petticoat silk skirt, silk bodice, removable peacock overlayer, peacock earrings.

Size: 92/75/98 cm 

 Photographer: Henrik Jensen

The mega mussel corset: 
White corset painted with the classical mussel motif. The corset is a midbust (nippleheight), and I recommend combining it with some sort of top.

White corset, that can be styled in a number of ways.
For example, combine with the crinoline or the big fluffy petticoat. We'll figure out something fun!

min: 82/64/86 cm
optimal: 92/75/96 cm 


The dark rose ensemble:
A red and black outfit

Underbust corset and bra decorated with handmade red roses and rhinestones. 
Black victorian 'fishtail' skirt with train, decorated with handmade roses.
Black ruffle-train to be worn underneath the skirt or alone with black pencilskirt or lingerie.
Long red cloak and red necklace.
The headpiece on the photo is not avaliable through me. Please contact Fairytailor.

min: 82/62/86 cm
optimal: 92/75/96cm  
Bra: EU 70H

 Photographer: Grace Almera Photography

The absinth fae ensemble:
An absinth inspired fairy-outfit.

Green silk corset covered in rhinestones. 
Ruffle skirt, rhinestoned fairy wings and fake leather jacket.
Long spats and gloves in fake leather.

Please note that the corset and jacket/ruffled skirt does not photograph to the same color, although they may appear similar.

min: 82/62/86 cm
optimal: 92/75/96cm 

Photographer: Michael La-Cour

The New years eve dress:
A classical corset with skirt, the corset is decorated with three types of lace and rhinestones.

Lace decorated corset, black chiffon skirt, feather headpiece, black tulle veil.

min: 82/62/86 cm
optimal: 92/75/96 cm 

Photographer: Zafar Iqbal

The kjarr corset:
A leather covered asymmetrical corset with skirts and two different headpieces.

Leather covered corset corset, black chiffon skirt, brown tulle overlay, feather headpiece, black tulle veil.

min/optimal: 85/60/82 cm

 Photographers: Tigz Rice and Tine Sørensen

The Green underbust:
A simple olive green silk corset.

The corset plus what we can find of interesting accessories. For example stuff from the absinth fae ensemble.

min: **/62/86 cm
optimal: **/75/96 cm 

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