onsdag den 5. november 2014

Lasercutting: branching into video tutorials

One of the main new things I have worked on during the maternity leave is lasercutting. I tried it out for the Icequeen ensemble, but after that I have worked on quite a few things.

A few people have asked how I get access to a lasercutter, and the answer is simple: FABLAB. Fablabs are fabrication laboratories, that allow normal people free access to high tech equipment like lasercutters, CNC cutters and 3D printers. There is a whole charter about it, but the main rules are:
  • No weapons
  • No commercial production
  • But DO DO DO share your knowledge!
As I am the only one at FABLAB RUC currently using the lasercutters for fabric it was thus natural to help the guys operating the Fablab in making an instruction video on how to cut fabric.


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