torsdag den 30. oktober 2014

The male corset

An other project I worked on during the maternity leave was a male corset.

I have wanted to make a male corset for quite some time, as as my own body was in no shape to get into a corset, this was the perfect time.

I found a model in Niels Laigaard Mikkelsen, a Makeup artist I have worked with on several occasions. Unfortunately the corset was finished very close to the birth of my son, so we do not have any fancy pictures of it, as I was using all my energy on my son.

I did however mannage to take some snapshots of the corset on a pillow, and I think it turned out rather lovely! The pink binding was rather hard to find, as it is lighter than fuchia but darker than pink, and we affectionally named it flamboyant pink:)

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